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Yes ,i have heard conflicting news also ...such as the 2.0 version is which in the making , and that the 1.2.50 Spyeye version has leaked onto forums with source code and everything(just like Zeus)

....Now there are also rumours of people buying spyeye 1.3.48 with ridiculous amounts 10k(with all add-ons) , for something that has no more support and updates...

also is the 1.2.50 version which can be found free on some forums so obsolete compared to the 1.3.48 , which costs 10k ? What do u guys think ?

Also are there any Rats like Darkcomet , Blackshades , etc with webinject capabilities ? (update balance , hide transactions etc)

I have a really good crypter , completely fud , made privately by a friend , so i am trying to figure it out on what to use it ? 1.3.48 , 1.2.50 , Citadel , some Rats clients etc ...

is it worth paying 10k on spyeye 1.348 knowing that the 2.0 will be out soon ? Is the 1.250 Spyeye sufficient if you have a FUD crypter ? Looking to learn from your experience...
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